when the honeymoon is over and you appreciated the chance to make money but can’t stand your job

No, I am not a fan of Rihanna, Chris Brown, Drake, Nikki Minaj, Taylor Swift, or many of these new folks on the scene. (Trey Songz, the R. Kelly wannabe?–just hell no.) Just to name a few. I barely know who any of them are.

Maybe this is what my parents said before me but music has lost its substance. There is nothing there behind the empty words and gimmicks of all this shallow, overdone celebrity hype and glitz.

I was at work trying to explain this to these two somewhat younger women who love folks like Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, and Drake while we engaged in friendly conversation. I don’t want to judge them and didn’t at the time, keeping the conversation light. At the same time, I was disgusted and I can’t lie about that.

Mainstream R&B and rap in particular are shallow, meaningless genres populated by empty lyrics and heteropatriarchal/heterosexist and misogynist sexual posturing and indoctrination, and losing the definite potential to change its direction in my lifetime as more people, particularly younger audiences, embrace it as canon.

This is an issue for the Black community, considering the fact that a chunk of main stream music produced by Black “artists” is racist and misogynist in and of itself, not only doing harm to our community but spilling over to other groups as well. It is not my intention to blame the whole of the Black community or Black artist but only to say that the messages in our music means something, the lyrics have an effect on everyone.

The 3rd Day, a work journal