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It feels stupid to have to say but I’ve heard far too many privileged middleclass people throwing around the word “poor”.

Granted, the meaning and connotation changes from person to person, situation to situation but it really does drive me crazy when people who barely struggle, financially or otherwise, a day in their life claim to be “poor”.

What’s even more sickening is people who don’t realize they aren’t poor and continue to insist that they are.

I’m not trying to engage in class wars or belittle other people’s experiences. I am trying to say that there’s a difference between

A) I am rich.

B) I come from a well-off family and rarely worried about money or opportunities,

decided to live in hundred thousand dollar plus house in suburbs,

went to a four-yr private institution,

bought a brand new car,

go shopping every weekend,

buy gifts every Christmas,

…and happen to be struggling to pay off student debt

C) I come from a working class family and there were times when we couldn’t eat or pay bills, lived without electricity or hot water from time to time/regularly,

I went to public school all my life,

I relied on scholarships, private loans, and federal loans to go to a school of my choice,

I was labeled as “financially needy” by student financial services at my university and struggled to work with them to fund my education,

I am on foodstamps,

I cannot get a job though I am searching under every rock

and I am struggling with a ton of student debt

D) I don’t have the means to get much in a country that prioritizes money over all things.

E) Americans suck, why don’t they realize what they have?

And there’s a whole lot of in-between and not applicable or not applied to any of those scenarios. The point is I am personally sick of hearing the word “poor” being thrown around by people of privilege who don’t know what the hell it really means. That’s about it.