Beautifully said!

I AM in shape. ROUND is a shape.

I think one of the more difficult situations to handle (for me, personally) when I come across someone willing to believe that humans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, INCLUDING Fat, is when the conversation inevitably comes to this phrase, nearly always verbatim: “People DO come in all shapes and sizes. It only gets to be a problem if you’re not healthy.”


No.  Here’s how that phrase should go. “People DO come in all shapes and sizes.”

The end.

As the post title says: the only person whose health is your business is YOU.  NO ONE ELSE’S HEALTH IS YOUR BUSINESS.  That includes fatties, thin-nies, tall, short, greasy-forehead, dry-skin, whatever visual cues you use to judge a person; the health of all those people is NOT your responsibility.  No.  It isn’t.  Yes, most of us pay into health care too for EVERYONE’S health.  That still doesn’t make…

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