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I’m not saying the ‘Hunger Games’ was perfect or even that I care to read or see it but at least it sounds like something of substance in concept.

Majority, unfortunately, rules, like with that shit ‘The Help’.

It seems that the only thing Black people can get paid and recognized for is

  1. stuff written by sexist men
  2. stuff that propagates sexism
  3. stuff that propagates racist stereotypes
  4. stuff that propagates heterosexism and victimizes non-male identifying folks

Many Black men, indoctrinated into a culture of heteropatriarchy, misogyny, and homophobia, are continuously trying to put themselves in the place of the hero, kings, and champion of the Black community. Well…

Steve Harvey, as one of those Black men, is doing the Black community a grave disservice.

No me gusta.

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