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I, however, am both Black and fat. I will never say that the two struggles in this society are exactly the same. But within me, they are one.

I came across some pendejo on my FA tumblr going on about how he lost weight from 300lbs and thought FA was a load of bullshit, right. Not unusual.

He was talking some crap about how people compare the struggle of Black folks to fatphobia. He also mentioned something about famine in Africa and how there should be no obese people there.

So the part where he fucked up in my opinion with his thin privilege sob story is in

  1. trying to separate fatness and being a person of color in an argument against someone who is both fat AND also a person of color.
  2. using examples of situations and circumstances that he obviously knows nothing about.
  3. opening his big dumb fatphobic white mouth in the first place.
  4. most importantly, dehumanizing me, attempting to “de-legitamize” my existence for the sake of his own privilege, which he believes he earned by losing weight.

I’m done with this.