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A submission to my fat acceptance blog on tumblr, Every Smile A Lie

As evidenced in the message, people already hate me because I’m Black, and female. Sometimes, I think what’s one more, they hate me because I’m fat. I am hated, for no other reason than that I exist as I am, what’s new?

People have hated me all my life, for those reasons and more. Because I’m lighter in skin tone. Because I possess some talent. Because they think I’m pretty. Because they think I’m smart or intelligent.

And people will hate me for the rest of my life, if this message is any indication.

In the past, I might have cried and hidden the message away or deleted it from the shame that somebody felt the need to say that to me. But whats the point of that? It won’t erase the message. It won’t make it go away. Even if it hurts, even if it makes me angry as all hell, it doesn’t change the fact that someone in the world feels this way about me and people they see as like me. When I got that submission, I almost felt a sense of clarity and sobriety. All anxiousness left me and I was again put on my own two feet.

Don’t get it twisted once you read what I’m about to say: I do not feel necessarily empowered by this venom, by this poison, as it attempts to corrupt my spirit. I do not view myself as someone who takes a lickin’ and just keeps on no matter what.

I just feel like it’s all the more reason to just keep on being myself since people will hate you anyway for one reason or another.

from her throne on high,