This mofo has the audacity to say he wished he could have seen Trayvon “change his life”, get married, and have made a different decision.

I haven’t been listening to how they’ve dissected Trayvon Martin’s life, but there is an assumption here that Trayvon, and all Black people, are incurably criminal and need to be saved and turned around. NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO.

Zimmerman’s father has made it up in his mind that Trayvon’s murder was his own fault, not the fault of his son, who shot and killed this young Black man for no reason other than his own hate, from what I can see.

Not to make Trayvon the Christlike figurehead here, but this just reminds me that when we suffer at the hands of their hate and privilege, when we are raped and murdered, it will still be our fault for one reason or another. Because they say so.

The Queen sees fucking red over this bullshit,