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Even in their own stories and movies, white people/people of European descent portray vampires as evil. Of course, the occasional token vampire of color pops up every now and again in these stories and films but largely remain set decoration.

The romance genre and its writers still damn the vampire to moonlight and acts of antagonism like rape, butchery, scheming, and other forms of savagery and violence. I have read some writers who take the idea of the vampire in a different direction and, at the same time, the writing and conceptualization remains gimmicky, sexist, and shallow, even offensive.

Blade (1998) is probably one of the most well known if not the most well known film about a Black vampire/vampire of color. Main character, general good guy/protagonist, badass–hands down, no questions on the resume. Thoughts on Wesley Snipes withheld, it is amazing to me how the vast majority of vampires in a white dominated vampire mythos are portrayed as evil. And now added to the overall community of vampire stories is one like Blade.

Though it all kind of a closed circle, yin-yang kind of thing when you think about it, I would like to introduce a concept of vampirism and a mix of culture and paranormal fictional that orients the nature of the vampire towards life, instead of death. Birth, instead of dying. My stories would still have some of those crucially popular elements, only without that degree of cliche morbidity, “goth” undertones, white supremacy, and romanticization.

Why does being a vampire have to always equal almost nothing but evil and doing evil, half-life, and all the other cliches? I saw Blade as positive sign, and it encouraged me to foster a mythology that removes vampires of color, who are rarely if ever written about,  from the context and constraints of white vampire mythology and mainstream popular culture. Maybe to some people all that stuff is what being a vampire is about, maybe that’s what gives vampirism its appeal and mystique. Personally, I’m ready to continue the tradition of breaking the mold.