when the honeymoon is over and you appreciated the chance to make money but can’t stand your job

In kindergarten and elementary at the schools I attended, we were given certain a mounts of time during the school day to decorate the classroom and, if it was our turn, the whole hallway outside in the area where out grade level was.

I am continuously shocked at how much “the real world”, the fabled world of “adulthood”, of “growing up” and “grown ups” resembles those days of halls and classroom walls decorated in tons of cut outs, crayon doodlings, papier-mache, cartoon characters, and images of graded papers, apples, and pencils at the ready.

At my job, every unit was decorated with a superhero theme. The stuff was everywhere. Outside of the restricted area where I worked, the otherwise maze-like, indistinguishable units were decorated in themes, like casino, faux mardi gras, and exotic resort themes.

The theme for my unit was “Underdog”.


Everyday, my friend and coworker would come by my table and humorously quote something she’d noticed and read somewhere in one of the motivational decorations. There were little notes and sayings and reminders, and speech bubbles coming from Hulk and Wonder Woman’s mouth that reminded employees of tips, cautions, and useful information.

While that’s all good and on some level comforting, the childishness of it, the reminder of how similar “the real world”, the “workplace” is to elementary and preschool was overwhelming and disgust-inspiring.

Why even work if they’re going to treat us like little kids. All we really need is for them to break out the crayons, coloring books, and the legos.

The 3rd Day, a work journal