So I’ve been meaning to start a series of posts for my experiences with online dating so far. However, I met one of the people from online and have been wrapped up in new experiences and trying to build a relationship with him that I haven’t gotten around to it.

Reminds me that I should never sacrifice my writing for anybody.

He and the tentative relationship have had their ups but I don’t feel like its going well.

So. A few things I will say to him if he continues to contact me or regardless of whether he contacts me (because I don’t do well with text messaging when it comes to letting go of a relationship unless I have to):

  1. You need to get your life together. I understand you’re stressed with these two new jobs and your situation with your ex-wife and all, but damn.
  2. You don’t seem to have time for a relationship. Between working, being hungry, being a dude, and being too scared to be in a new passionate, dedicated relationship, you just don’t seem to have time.
  3. If you want to be in a relationship, make room, you can’t be stuck on your fiance even if she did die tragically. No one likes feeling like a third wheel to a ghost. Dead or alive, its impossible standard to live up to being someone you’re not, or filling their shoes rather. Or trying to be someplace in your heart and life where there’s a solid wall.
  4. You have made no commitments to me, so that means I am not your wife, your significant other, technically not your lover, or even your girlfriend. Don’t expect me to make you lunches and grab you a cold one out of the fridge. This ain’t even yo house, fool.
  5. Stop telling me you’re hungry all the time, it makes me worry. Take care of yourself some more. And I can’t help if you won’t let me.
  6. I jokingly yet half seriously offered you my (with-another-person) virginity…no its not okay to callously refuse it because you don’t want “that” for Father’s Day. I didn’t even know/realize it was Father’s Day, asswipe, especially since I just finished celebrating my birthday…
  7. “Its your choice” is just your way of saying whatever happens will be your fault because you agree to it. A disclaimer is not necessary if you actually give a fuck.
  8. You. Do. Not. Know. How. To. Have. A. Serious. Conversation. You say you want to see me smile and you want me to be happy. I will not be smiling and laughing all the time. I will not clap my hands and shake my ass because you think I look happier that way. Live with it or get the hell out of my kingdom. Changing the subject every time you feel its getting to serious is not gonna fly, bruh.
  9. Don’t have “man bitch fits”(TM) on me, especially not road rage fits in the car. It’s very triggering for me, considering my upbringing. Calm the hell down.
  10. Its not about you all the time.
  11. You keep saying it’s my choice, but if I’m giving you a bj or a hj, or engaging with you intimately in any way without intercourse, and you keep going on about “letting you put it in” when we’ve/I already said no intercourse until I am medically prepared then that’s pressure. Message.
  12. Leave that Nice Guy(TM)/Good Man(TM) bullshit at home.
  13. This white picket fence nonsense has got to go. You can’t even keep yourself hydrated. Why in the world would you even think of a long term and/or marital situation with someone who has stated that they are simply testing the waters in dating. Don’t project your fantasies of a domestic situation onto me if you’re not serious because I can be, I want to be, and I’m trying not to be with this dating stuff.
  14. I care about you. Let me help take care of you. Stop with this I’m the Man(TM) shit. Its not weakness, okay, to let me help.