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I was so disappointed to hear that my sister’s boyfriend–who is a little asshole anyway and cheated on her when they were together before–told her she needs to lose weight because he isn’t sexually attracted to her. It broke my heart to hear her say that she likes to be intimate with her boyfriend and he hurt her feelings by telling her she needs to “tone up” her body, saying he’s “a guy and can’t help what he’s attracted to”. (In the past, he paraded her in front of his relatives, who went on about how he “liked them big”. He himself said he liked her “motherly figure”, whatever the hell that means, urrggggh IDIOT).

My sister is smaller than me and always has been. Oh the days of being the invisible wall while guys walked up to talk to her and she stopped in the juniors, misses, and ladies sections of the clothes stores. That’s me over there in the limited plus-size section–hey you guys!!!.

It pisses me off that this jerk would dare to say some shit like that to her. And yet…she decided to get back with him after he cheated on her.

I can’t make decisions for her. I practically begged her not to leave two weeks early before school to be with him in Virginia where he has moved from Georgia for his new job (while inconveniencing our already stretched and nearly non-existent budget to do so).

I talked until I was blue in the face, trying to convince her. She said she was bored and didn’t want to be here all summer with mom, and by extension–me.

Now she’s stuck relying on him to pay her way back to Georgia for school on the thirteenth, him leaving her in his a apartment while he goes to work and hangs with his co-workers after hours, with no food, and no way to leave and go hang out because the building has a key card system (he won’t give her the key card, not even so she can attend her dentist appointment).

I love my baby sister, she is my twin (we’re one minute apart, C-section), and I’m sorry that he’d hurting her but I don’t feel much sympathy. She’s making the same mistakes she did with her last boyfriend, high school sweetheart, who was absolutely foul to her.

I’ll be here for her but there’s only so much I can do.

Everybody’s always congratulating her on being different from me and “standing up to your sister”. I don’t see what I’m doing that’s so wrong that she needs to stand up against me. If anything, she needs to take half a leaf out of my book and stop putting up with this shit from guys. But of course that’s just my opinion.

You don’t all of a sudden become unattractive because you gained weight or lost weight, or your muscles aren’t as tight when someone loves and is attracted to you. Someone who loves you doesn’t judge you by your body or ask you to change things about yourself based on some shallow sexist whim. If they ask you change one thing that shouldn’t f**king matter, then what’s next?