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So I hate that my mom went and bought a new TV but I saw some stuff on CNN and feel some kind of way about it.

The former skinhead and founder of Life After Hate says he met a kindly African-American lady at a McDonald’s serving him his Mac-combo who changed his violently racist ways for the better.

And that’s good and everything but not every white racist is going to run into a nice kindly old Black lady who changes his life. Not every white racist wants to be changed.

This guy admitted that the only reason he joined hate groups and committed hate crimes (such as beating people and leaving them for dead) was because there was alcoholism in his family and he wanted to lash out at someone.

I guess I’m triggered by the idea that people expect me to be nice and understanding to white racist in order for them to change. It’s something that people say over and over again when I say I may someday go out to be a teacher. Not all teachers do 101 and not all of them are cut out to change pampers while trying to teach course materials at the same time.

This woman works in customer service in the food industry, too. Some skinhead with a swastika tattooed to his knuckles orders a McGriddle, what the hell is she supposed to do, spit in his face? No, she’s going to smile, ring him up, and get him his McGriddle. This white guy was lucky to meet her, because got some good advice to, for free.

Not all Black people/PoC have the gift of patience and kindness.

Some of us are sick and tired, after over two hundred years of suffering, struggle, and oppression.

Some of us will not hand-hold white racists through their racism. Cuz it’s like Superman trying to hold onto kryptonite (not to use a white figure but it came to mind).

On that note:

This ain’t 101. I, for one, aint ya mammy, fool.

~T. Queens