You ain’t never lied, as far as this post goes.

But when hasn’t this been the case? As a queer Black female writer, I write romance because it is a desire of my own. Hollywood and its influential co-partners and co-signers whiten, bleach, straighten, trim and slim every thing and every one that’s not meant to be a joke.

I try to write what I want to see/read and I don’t get discouraged or stalled because the media is making a billion-dollar mockery out of it. I get discouraged or stalled because people are actually supporting it. Living in multiple oppressed identities is difficult especially when you’re trying to write about it and writing is surviving. To be fat. To be working class/poor. To be queer. To be female and/or gender queer. To be a survivor of abuse. I speak truths and fantasies with my writing.

And its daunting to be faced with a public who would rather read or see stories about the able-bodied, the skinny, the “fit”, the white/acceptably and safely whitened PoC, middleclass, the good ol’ hetero. I’ve been socially conditioned to think of myself as invisible and unnecessary, and it reflects in how difficult it is for me to write the stories I want to read.

Dennis R. Upkins

And my girl Ankhesen Mie comes out swinging, HARD!!!!!


After battling the worst bout of writer’s block I’ve had in a while, I finally rescued myself by coming to one of my momentous decisions: no more stories where love is a central theme, and no more sex scenes (unless they have a comical edge).

It has nothing to do with being a prude or anything like that; it has more to do with the fact that romance as we know it needs to take a holiday.
I feel – and this is just my humble opinion – that as we are seeing a stubborn whitening of everything in media, we are also seeing a stubborn straightening of everyone.  In addition to the obsession of showing white people in romantic relationships, I feel there’s been an added emphasis on showing them in straight relationships.
In other words, not only is…

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