This is especially important for people whose conversations on tumblr and off are social justice, or can be mistaken for social justice (yeah, yeah, I know—folks be screaming: “my blog is not an sj blog” *mass text messages, confetti from the sky, streaming banners, mass campaign calls, spam e-mails, flyers, pdfs, pop-ups ads, sidebar ads, billboards, goodle search, etc, etc, etc…*.

As someone who uses words to convey meaning, I am just sick to death of looking up and finding out that someone has invented some new definition for a term/phrase that was meant to help people of color describe/name their lived experiences and struggles. Its sad and even more frustrating to see that its another person of color doing it.

It requires a certain amount of time and patience to deal with another Black/PoC persyn who is breaking down what others of color have worked so hard to build and maintain.

And if you haven’t lived in the place where that term was actualized and experienced its meaning, you are causing much more harm by trying to re-invent its meaning for your purposes.

~T. Queens