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I refuse to classify this, and other posts like it, as a rant because it gives people the option of disregarding it as something that I don’t really mean and I do meant it.

I am trying not to believe that so many heterosexual women are so attracted to men that it blinds them from openly criticizing and standing up against sexism, male misogyny, and patriarchy.

Really, I am.

But its fast becoming one of the only conclusions I can draw.

When has telling an oppressor that they are oppressing you ever made them not do it? White people oppress PoC, we’ve been telling them that for centuries.

So what makes heterosexual women think its any different with men and sexism, male misogyny, and patriarchy?

An oppressor has to decide, for themselves, not to oppress you; they have to decide to listen to you just like they have to decide to change–its a decision. Or they have to be removed from their power by people who won’t take shit from them.

I’m sick of this flower-power, speak kindly and they will obey, OMG–I ADORE my boyfriend/I LOVE MEN *drool*, love-cures-all bullshit from feminists, especially Black feminists.

We need to sit down and have conversations with them, say you? We need to bend a little, say you? We need to be more understanding, say you?

How’s that working out, really? Good? Good for you, honey. On to the rest of us.


T. Queens