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I am increasingly depressed and isolated by the low number of working class/poor Black people and People of Color who blog and that I actually encounter. As a writer, I can never say its because I’m too busy surviving to write because writing is part of how I survive. At this point in my life, its all I can do as a matter of fact.

There are too many middleclass Black people who blog and speak from these lofty perches of privilege. Some things just don’t mean the same to them because they don’t struggle with class in the same way and their privilege is invisible to them.

I went to college with these same people who proudly proclaim how they grew up in white suburbia or with other middleclass PoC who are just as oblivious as white people to how they perpetuate oppression.

I see a lot of these bloggers on Tumblr. And I’m here to say that you don’t have all those followers and people telling you how great you are because you’re right or because you’re fighting the good fight.

You have have all those followers, the white, the middleclass and PoC, because you’re safe.

They see a little bit of themselves in you and they know you would never betray them or make them as uncomfortable as they should be.

And they can smell that your privilege is more important to you than truth or justice. They know they got yo ass.

You have all those followers and people telling you your way is better because you only got one trick in you; once you flip out and show them that you’re “just as bad” as us poor gutter Black folks, not even your class privilege and your oh-so-correct diction is going to protect you.

And then we’ll all be equal. In a way…

You’re not better. You’re just safe.