Let me take this opportunity to elaborate on my experience with Dean Spade.

During my time at the university Dean Spade teaches law at, after I was fired from my position as a resident assistant, I contacted Dean Spade at the urgings of my friend Chris, who is trans* and thought Spade would help, and tried to get some advice or aid on the issue. Almost everyone on staff knew I had been fired unfairly for an instance of racism that occurred on a staff retreat.

I e-mailed Dean Spade and got an e-mail back that pretty much said, Sorry I cant help you. Good luck with that.

If I wanted to dig through my old inbox, I could find it for you, but suffice to say its not a topic I like to revisit.

Almost everyone at that university turned their back on me, and when I finally graduated, after nearly dropping out, everybody else turned their back on me and forgot I existed.

Needless to say, while I think the work Dean Spade does is important, I’m not a big fan because of the trauma I suffered at this PWI. Obviously, the young Black woman’s petty problems aren’t as important as trans* rights.