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People who don’t like white feminist judge me because I don’t always call myself a womanist

People who hate politics, hate anything that is associated with or can be mistaken for social justice, and most of all hate feminists, judge me because they think they know what I stand for and what I believe in when I call myself a Black feminist, or call myself a feminist of any sort.

Then you have feminists and womanists, both white and of color, who think they know what you stand for or should stand for, who judge and talk down to you for not living up their their lily white expectations of what a feminist should be (These so-called feminists lecture you about using words like “bitch” (even when it applies), and condemn sex workers and are against abortion).

As a Black woman with a political voice, I guess I shouldn’t care what anyone thinks necessarily but its disturbing to see other PoC dismiss me for the above reasons.

I typically use the term Black feminist/Black feminism because

a) I don’t intimately know any womanists who are not stuck up academics or condescending bougie middleclass so-and-sos (its an issue of access, opportunity, and the elders sitting on their lofty laurels)

b) with that being said, I’ve found it most important to assert the intersection of race/racism and feminism.

“Womanism” is more a comfort area and political identity; most of the people I know (most of whom are Black) don’t even know what a womanist is. “Black feminism” is more like battle armor. I hesitate to use the two interchangeably but I identify as both as one in the same.