The only people who really care about the presidential elections are the people whose lives will actually be improved by whoever comes out victorious. Most presidential campaigns are aimed at middleclass Americans, despite the fact that they are not the largest class. People who are born poor and disadvantaged in America are likely to stay poor and disadvantaged—so much for the American dream.

A presidential candidate that I would vote for would have to be up for changing this country fundamentally, in terms of mitigating the effects of racism, patriarchy, heterosexism, and class privilege. Until such a time comes, I’m just going to sit back and watch people continue to cast their votes on their favorite reality television show—American Political Campaigns.

I feel like many working class/poor people know that their lives won’t change dramatically for the better no matter who is president as far as the current candidates stand. Poor Black people won’t exactly be slaves (again), but we’ll most likely still be poor and disadvantaged no matter who wins the election.

My life has not changed in the past four years. And whose to say that will be any different in the next four years.

Class privilege is a hell of a drug.