I got my first blog here on WordPress, where I don’t have to be constantly aware of how many people follow/unfollow me because of the dashboard features. On WordPress, all I see is how many people view my blog daily. I don’t have to look at stats if I don’t want to, especially followers.

I came across Tumblr by chance but now have several, just like I have several WordPress blog. I create multiple blogs to cater to the universes inside my head even though some end up being neglected as I break down into fits of anxiety.

Not to bitch and complain about it, but I notice on Tumblr that whenever I post something personal, about my life, feelings, or experiences, I lose followers. This is across two blogs.

I have some dedicated people who continue to follow and let me know that they are there, but its just mind-boggling to me that I’m putting myself out there and being honest to the letter and people can’t appreciate that. Its not a very comforting environment.

I don’t have nearly as many WordPress followers but I think I may settle here for a while once. Tumblr is for young people who care about impressing others and I’m not with that. No matter what I do, I’ll never be someone who lots of people follow. Its not my goal and I don’t like feeling like I should care.