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*adjusts glasses*

I’d like to pretend that I’m all hip and what not, but sometimes I hear phrases that I’m not sure I know the meaning of, even with context clues. Why? Because, you know, I don’t hang around people on a daily basis.

“Stay pressed, haters” is a phrase, like “throwing shade”, that I have internalized now with my own special overwrought understanding of its meaning. I’m a writer, I feel its my duty to know these kinds of things even when they are obsolete. and sometimes Urban Dictionary just doesn’t cut it for me.

  • Derived possibly from the phrase “pressed for time” and/or “hard-pressed”
  • Meaning 1: to be under strain or pressure due to constraints on time and energy, the lack of ability to be in 60 places at one time to do all the things and attend to all the people (for busy people or influential people)
  • Meaning 2: desperate or obsessed/overly focused, usually in an unseemly and unflattering fashion
  • Meaning 3: to be obsessed with or overly concerned with something or someone, usually despite claiming to hate/extremely dislike them (haters)
  • *Meaning 4: someone who is busy or claims to be busy yet has the time to spread hatred, gossip/rumors, and ill will about someone or something, sometimes in order to promote something else; being in the business of spreading dislike or ill favor for one’s own purposes (for haters)
  • Meaning 5: straightened or smoother with heat, usually one’s hair with a straightening comb or flat iron, or as in ironing one’s clothes to get rid of wrinkles or to enforce or create wrinkles, pleats, hems, and folds.

Ultimate meaning, “stay pressed” is usually used this way*


1: President Obama stays pressed, its a shame really, but what can we expect from someone in his position.

2: Bitches are pressed for attention despite their lack of relevance.

3&4: Haters stay pressed, talkin’ ‘bout Nicki Minaj is better than Lil’ Kim on forums that are dedicated to the Queen B.

5: I got my hair pressed today.


Naw, I’m just pressing my pants, the pleats are coming out.