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I am still totally in love with my hair although the questions are mounting. There isn’t much help for 4c hair, even if everyone’s hair is unique to some degree.

  1. Am I even supposed to comb my hair???: I’m not sure if I’m detangling or just breaking off my hair. I tool the advice of only combing while it saturated in conditioner with a wide tooth comb and it still feels like there is some damage going on. I just don’t feel I should be doing a lot of combing of my hair, outside of keeping it from locking.
  2. Fairy knots or just knots???: I have tangles of fairy knots. I try to detangle but cut the ones that are just impossible. There still seems to be plenty of hair to go around.
  3. Protective styles???: My hair burst out of the little plaits I tried to put it in because it shrinks and isn’t quite long enough with the shrinkage. When I wear a scarf to bed, my hair just gets matted like polyfill inside of an old pillow
  4. Co-Washing???: I wonder how many bottles of conditioner other people with 4c natural hair go through. Stuff is not cheap and to saturate my hair takes quite a bit.

I’m at a stage where I’m trying to let my hair do its own thing, just trying to moisture it, keep it from matting and tangling, and keep it from locking, and see what works best for me and keeps my curls healthy.