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My friend said, “You don’t ‘act’ like someone who is poor”.

The sad thing is, no, maybe I don’t fit the pattern, so I kinda agreed with her.

There’s many different types of of being disadvantaged in this country for working class/ poor people, despite all the cries from other nations that “All you Westerners are just so privileged!”. I’ve almost been homeless, I’ve had the threat of homelessness in my life but that’s not the same thing as actually being homeless. so I hover in a very unacknowledged gray area of being “poor”.

Reasons why people don’t think I’m working class, or struggling:

  1. I “sound educated”
  2. I went to a four-year private college outside of my home state
  3. I am labeled as light-skinned
  4. Because of the way I carry myself
  5. I’ve been outside of the country
  6. I have standards and expectations for myself
  7. I have things that I desire and need from other people
  8. I like music, and have interests and hobbies that aren’t considered “black”/ethnic
  9. I have/had dreams and goals that exceed and are not limited to someday not being poor
  10. I’m not completely downtrodden by my class status

Its a very backhanded way of saying, “Act poor, act like somebody who is put in their place. Act like someone who can only survive”.

I know that I’ve had privileges in my life, experiences that many people of my class status don’t get to experience, but the people who make assumptions that I’m not struggling know nothing about what I went through to get those experiences or where I come from.

That’s all I have to say about that right now.


That’s all I have to say about that right now.