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I will delete your comment at a glance, if you come on my blog with some mess, fair warning. It will practically not be read, so don’t bother. My space is not for you even if you feel you must say something.

I am totally disgusted and sick about ignorant ass people on this she-got-what-she-deserved, wolf pack, survival of the fittest, two wrongs don’t make a right BULLSHIT. They on that other shit and I’m soul-tired of it.

Its not really what happened that’s bothering me at this point. Its what’s being said by people who are only showing their hatred for Black women.

Until I hear from her own mouth that she calls herself a bitch and ho and she runs in circles where that’s normal, I will continue to insist—

her name ain’t bitch

her name ain’t ho

her name ain’t nigga

her name ain’t hoodrat

Her name is Shidea Lane