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When people lie about violent crimes, it doesn’t help or alleviate the fact that violent crimes are committed and Black women deserve justice.

This is also reason why I don’t comment on celebrity stuff that much…because we’ll never actually know the truth.

They’re saying she lied and her motive for doing this is unknown.

I don’t know the truth…but I do ask myself why a Black woman would set herself on fire then blame it on one of the worst organized terrorist groups Black people in this country have ever faced?

Even if she did lie, that doesn’t destroy the history of this country or its continued, pervasive violence against Black women. I’ll always be suspicious. We can’t trust this country and the people in power with our safety and well-being.

That’s one of the dilemmas of living in a nation that daily tries to bury its ugly history and current reality with lies, violence, coercion, and general injustice, especially for Black women—Did she really lie, did she really do this to herself? Do we trust the media? Do we trust the cops? Can we believe that what they’re reporting is true?