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Which is to say I’m tired of allowing people to label me as “angry”, and feeling the frustration of the label when I try to interact with them.

Because when it comes to Angry Black Woman™/the angry black stereotype, its not about me getting angry over something I have every right and reason to get angry about. It’s about labeling Black women in such a way that it diminishes her credibility and any understanding of her as a rational being.

If you can instill in people’s minds that Black women are irrational, violent, wild, and angry, then you will forever damage people’s perception of her humanity and actions. If she wants support, then she will be forced to “behave” according to your rules. Or she will be forced take up the mantle of sister outsider and live outside of support from others, taking on full responsibility for her own care and development after dealing with as much damage from the world and people around her.

I view myself as a passionate person. I care very deeply about many issues and I don’t like seeing suffering. I do not like the suffering I am forced to endure and survive.

As I may have every reason and right to be angry, I have to stop allowing people and their opinions and actions to distract me from my goal and my dream. Because I have such a deep understanding of how those opinions, attitudes, and actions can and do effect my life, this is very difficult. But its like I’m looking at something outside of a window from the corner of my eye. Every time I keep trying, I am able turn my head a little more and a little more to look out the window instead of focusing on the fuckery that’s trying to distract me in the room.

I don’t have to stop being passionate, I don’t have to stop being me. But I do have to stop allowing people make me into something I’m not inside their own minds and letting that piss me off. It’s really painful to walk alone, sometimes I feel so full of passion I could just explode, but I have to be at peace with not being at peace inside of myself.