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Nothing that I say in criticism of oppression is good enough for people to take seriously. There’s always some excuse for why calling oppression out for what it is, naming it, and saying you won’t stand for it is frowned upon and discouraged–by the oppressed and the oppressor, who prefer to live in blissful ignorance with illusions of fighting the good fight.

Subversiveness is usually for people who are afraid, or stand to gain something individually by boot-licking their oppressors. These are the same people who admire “radicals” and quote them and put posters of radicals on their walls but would never be one.

Using the master’s tools has never dismantled the master’s house. While you’re boot-licking oppressors and yanking up floorboards in his house with his own crowbar (which he will later make you redo yourself after you serve him lemonade), there’s a smaller number of people fighting hard and they’re doing it without pretending.

You help build a shelter around yourself and those who oppress, and with your help they become even more powerful. To be subversive means you only got one trick in you: once they realize what you are, you will find yourself in a den of wolves. They will tear you apart.