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So…I got this one follower on my main blog who has all this shit to say about Black women but he’s not a Black woman, whether he’s effeminate or not. Its getting kind of annoying and I would love to call him out.

I guess what’s stopping me is

  1. I don’t want him to feel like I’m attacking him
  2. his blog has pretty good content
  3. as confrontational as I might seem, I actually like to pretend I have allies and don’t like aggravating them or making them feel bad

As much as I don’t give a crap about his intentions, and I may agree with him on some level about what he’s saying, eventually, I’ll probably say something to him about it. My silence is not saving me.

I don’t care how effeminate you are, if you are NOT a Black woman, you will never fully understand, so stop romanticizing the struggle and get yo life.