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This is the original post.

I saw my copy of it posted on my Tumblr blog today.

I also added a preface to soften the blow for people:

This word is consistently contradictory, there is nothing that is NOT contradictory about this word. So my views on it are probably contradictory to a lot of people, because of the nature/history of the word itself.

However, I will continue to be true to my thoughts on the topic.

I have struggled with this word all my life. I can’t understand why anybody would want to be called any variation of the word. I feel that there needs to come a day where we just let it go. At the same time, as long as they don’t come at me with it, I feel its not my place to police other Black people’s language outside of discussing it with one another.

In my using this word, I don’t see myself as superior or better than other people of my race who use it casually. I do however view myself as someone who sees the oftentimes backhandedness of it (an attempt at unity and comradeship in one hand and a slap in the face with the other hand); I see myself as someone who uses it the way it comes off as sounding to me, nine times of out ten–

a word for criticizing how we as Black people oppress each other, which nobody except the wrong people wants to talk about.

I accept criticism about my views from other Black people to an extent, even if I may not agree with them in the end. Because I have nothing if not unpopular opinions.