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For those of you who unclear about what is going on:

Tasha Fierce is a pop blogger, or something, who has a pop blog called Sex and the Fat Girl. I am a not popular blogger who has a random column that I happened to name Sex and the Fat Girl–a genuine misunderstanding.

You can read posts from me lamenting about this on [my FA] tumblr here, here, and here. Mostly disappointment and bewilderment about her attitude.

Since I’ve been online, I’ve encountered a few somewhat popular celebrity blogger types or writers–Nnedi Okorafor (just said something out of ignorance and went on her way), and Kid Fury. But this is the worst one because this is actually someone I respected and liked.

My two e-mail addresses are almost on every blog I have, multiple blogs, unpopular as they may be. I’ve got like three inboxes on tumblr where she coulda sent me a message and I have never, ever seen a message from Tasha Fierce about her having a problem with the title of my column about fat acceptance and sexuality. I hardly get anything but hate mail from racists and fat haters so I would’ve noticed if she sent me something.

The blog I am familiar with for Tasha Fierce is called Red Vinyl Shoes, I think. I’m not going to argue that maybe I saw the words sex and the fat girl, and it was sitting in my head. But what I said–

Today was the first time I ever saw it. I didn’t even know she was on tumblr. Tasha Fierce did not cross my mind at all when I started my column, and I have never visited her at this blog until today, not even when I was actually paying attention to her on Twitter.

I submitted to some anthology thing she was doing, never heard back about that, but I don’t actively follow her anymore, anywhere, particularly once I realized what she’s about. But now for real talk.

  1. She must’ve felt that the title was some fucking mana from heaven, legit inspired.
  2. In my lexicon, as a writer, this shit is NOT original, so therefore there is nothing to steal.
  3. If she wants to stand on a fucking mountaintop or at the head of a ship and be king of the world–be my guest, its not a title I’m gonna fight with someone about.
  4. My column is not actually a “sex column”, whatever she means about that–its a column about fat acceptance and sexuality, what I think is positive about my experiences with my bodies and others, and triumphs and difficulties as I experience and know them.
  5. Its five words and she doesn’t own them
  6. Again, who is it that she doesn’t want to “be associated” with? Other fat [Black] women who she is praised for doing activism work for?
  7. Why do pop bloggers feel that their truth is more important and valid than everybody else’s?

There’s like a million ways she could’ve approached me about and she chose one of the offensive, insulting, and oppressive way possible. I’m mad…and strangely salty.

end of feels