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One problem I encounter consistently as a “resident tumblrer” and blogger is people who think that just because I published a post that they disagree with I must be dying to hear their opinions and debate with them about my post (or whatever they’ve made up in their minds that my post is about by taking it out of context).

Then when they insult my intelligence by trying to engage me and I

  • come belting at them with cusses,
  • condemn their basicness,
  • or ignore their rudimentary arguments,

they get upset. I lose white followers in particular, probably for not being “calm and collected” enough for their tastes.

They want me to take time out of my day to address some pettiness, and the sad thing is I still try to treat people the way I want to be treated even if they don’t deserve it.

They seem to believe that I agree that my feelings, thoughts, opinions, politics, knowledge, and beliefs are debatable because they are public. What they fail to realize is that unless its posed as a question or a wandering which seeks conversation and advice, I am not asking you, I am telling you.

These people need to understand one thing:

Unless I ask for your opinion or engage you in debate, I am not necessarily interested in your opinion and I do not want to debate you. Furthermore, I am not obligated to communicate with you in a civil, academic fashion unless I choose.

I do not post my opinions, beliefs, knowledge, feelings and thoughts to solicit arguments or debates with people that are beneath me to even discuss. I am not here to

  • explain myself to you,
  • entertain your thought processes,
  • or play your little juvenile games of intrigue.

Debate is reserved for people who think that I am here to play games and I assure you I am not.

You are welcomed to approach me like any persyn with common sense and try to engage me in conversation, if I feel like giving you my time and energy.