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I am not here to mother people, especially not grown folks who make more money than I’ll ever see for the rest of my life. I am not here to police people and their decisions.

And at the same time I will say I think Rhianna’s decision to go back to Chris Brown was stupid.  Fuck her and her stupidity, if he indeed beat her ass like that and is indeed as misogynist and messed up as he appears and comes off to be. I’m not Christian so forgiveness means next to nothing to me. Even if its a hoax and they made it up for publicity. I don’t think the situation hurt her career at all, so I wouldn’t put it past her and her PR and producer people. If its a lie, its even worse. Because I’m not worried about her personal decision.

I’m thinking about all the young Black women who look up to and worship people like Rhianna and Beyonce, one who is back with a guy who beat her up (once is enough if you ask me) and the other who married a two-faced dog who was dedicated to spreading misogyny around through his lyrics like it was candy until he had a daughter of his own.

I’m concerned, not about their personal decisions to be with these men, but how their personal decisions as public fodder are used to justify the abuse and dehumanization of Black women, unfortunately also by Black men and Black women themselves.