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I’m all for solidarity but this is getting ridiculous. I am sick to death of other Black/African women coming at me with their shit.

And I call bullshit when I see it.

If you’re curious, this is in response to vague and unhelpful comments made on this post and this post.

One of the biggest problems Black women have to deal with is undue and unsolicited criticism and judgement from other Black women/African women. Ayomide Osunkoya, please get your life together and I hope you don’t make everything about you like you did on my blog.

I’m at a loss for why you seem to be taking my responses to your comments ON MY PERSONAL BLOG so poorly. All I did was offer an innocent addition to your prospective, which I received positively, believe it or not.
Contrary to your claims not to be judging anyone, and, in any event, it isn’t your place to judge how survivors of abuse react or respond to oppression. Please educate yourself on how to interact with abuse survivors instead of accusing them of “using anger and abuse” for ill intent. Or visiting their blogs to police their language so that they will be nice to you. I, again, do not have to respond positively to your fucking advice. In fact, if you hadn’t noticed, that was my way of being nice to you.

Stop being selfish and learn to be a better ally to survivors/victims of abuse instead of whining and complaining and making the situation about you and your desire for attention.

I’ve unfollowed your blog. Again, it is not your place to judge or tell victims of abuse how to react or respond to their abuse and oppression. It is not your place to judge when they are triggered and how they should handle it.

I have no obligation to be nice to you or respond nicely to your comments when you are harrassing me and giving me unsolicited advice on how I should deal with my life. Advice which I agreed with but merely offered a more nuanced prospective to.

I haven’t done anything wrong, so if you expect me to soften up and receive your comments all graciously and thankfully, you’d better find another blog to concern troll. I do not exist to please you or be pleasant for you.

Get your life.


Ms. Queenly/Taviante Queens