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Mexican anti-Blackness is disgusting. I ventured outside despite not wanting to go to spend my last ten bucks on my sister and her rumbling stomach, since she whined about not wanting to go alone until I finally went with her. (I wish she would stop acting like a baby and take better care of herself, we’re the same age.)

As mentioned before in this column, I have 4c hair. The curls are really thick.

These two Mexican guys saw us come into the Subway and made a distinct comment about chia pets and started laughing when they saw me. I like to turn around slap the taste out of those stupid muthafuckas mouths.

I love my curls and I feel the need to defend them when people talk shit or try to get me to change them (I’ve talked about past abuse and the effects it has on me), like I’m fighting for my honor or something, since no one else will. I detangle my hair by hand since combing and brushing it is painful and a chore. Its not supposed to be straight. This is just the way my hair grows.

If your hair ain’t acceptably curly or straight or fake, and you’re a Black woman, you’re gonna catch some mess from people about it.

I feel like I’m taking care of myself by just letting my hair be as it is and learning to take care of it. Its an integral part of my pride and joy.