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I am out of product for my hair and have no money.

The world is a sad dry thing done up in two strand twists!

Woe is me! Po’ and broke!

I’m just worried it might cause damage if I’m not consistent in my routine.

Anyway, my hair will survive. Its tough. I’ll have to fish around for money to end the drought.

Its 2013, I stopped relaxing sometime in early 2011. I have officially been natural for over a year. A Black woman in the Black-deficient city of broken dreams in which I currently live actually stopped me and asked how I got my hair so dry and NOT how I keep my hair straight and shiny.

Its definitely not straight now, and its not supposed to be.

At first I thought she was joking because my hair looked funny to her, but she wasn’t. Obviously her hair absorbs moisture and maintains it more slowly than mine and she wants it to have a drier look.

I was even more proud somebody wanted my advice because my sister was with me and I know she has some crap to say about me not combing my curls. Here are my methods, challenges, etc.

2013 Methods for My 4c Hair

  1. I’ve been using shea butter leave-in conditioner and coconut oil. And, you know, water. My hair has grown, though I don’t measure it.
  2. I co-wash every 1-2 weeks and only shampoo about once a month.
  3. I’ve been experimenting with how much combing to do and when. Because of the way my curls grow, my hair tangles a lot. Its really thick and really curly. There’s also the issue of matting (also known as “white dreadlocks” or neglect and mistreatment). But combing it tears out my hair, so I try to detangle by hand only. I am tenderheaded so this is torture either way. Aren’t I supposed to comb it at some point??? Or not? That is the question. My last experiment was to comb it as little as possible. [The only time my hair has been easy to comb is within the two three weeks after a thorough relaxing. Whether it was relaxed, straightened/flat ironed or not, I ask my myself, when hasn’t my hair been hard to comb, for real. So I don’t really see a difference. Maybe my hair is the opposite of straight hair: You comb or brush straight hair when it tangles. Combing may not be the answer for me. Or at least not excessive combing.]
  4. I still need to invest in the recommended satin pillow case though god knows I have enough trouble with stuff sliding off my head while I sleep…
  5. On that note, I’m trying to decide which works best–1) protective hairstyles, 2) wraps, 3) just letting it do what it do, or 4) a general combination. I’m at the general combination stage.
  6. I’m pretty sure I’ll just end up locking my hair one day. Its good locking hair apparently, or so I’ve been told.
  7. I also want to try hair glycerin, more butters, and more oils.
  8. Not having money to take care of myself is a problem. The struggle.

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