Just read a reblog quote about the dangers of correlating fat with health as an argument against fat hate. I agree with it, for sure.

I still wonder why people just CAN NOT believe you can be fat AND be healthy??? You have to ask yourself what “health” is to you. I’ll talk more about that in a later post.

I’m fat, I’m a Black Southerner (yes, think Black Southern “comfort food”) with a history of diabetes and xyz-health issues on both sides of my family. I do not have high blood pressure. I do not have diabetes or heart issues.

The only health issue I’ve ever had so far in life is psychological: I suffer under the “weight” of knowing that other people openly and silently sentence me to a life of living death because I’m fat just from a glance. It takes its toll physically and emotionally. And, YES, I hate those people, no lie, and I think they’re stupid. What else am I supposed to think or feel, while I’m standing here–living and breathing, bright-eyed and cool–and they’re thinking how lazy, unhealthy, and disgusting I must be? I don’t exist until I look healthy enough for them? What kind of shit is that, folks?

No doctor has ever said to me “You’re going to die because you’re fat” because they can’t back that load of shit up for sure. I’m not trying to toot my horn, and I haven’t forgotten about the people who have had those things said to them. I’m pretty sure if I encountered the “right” (that is, wrong) doctor, they’d have the nerve to say the same to me. Its just literally, no doctor and or person has ever said that to me (until I joined Tumblr and learned what a “troll “is) Either way, “healthy” or “unhealthy”, how the hell do you just treat somebody like they’re subhuman just because they’re fat? How the hell do you stand there in some random fat person’s face (or in a message on Tumblr of all things for heaven’s sake) and tell them what they’re like and what their health is when they know better than you? How do you judge somebody’s entire personhood based on how much they weigh or what you perceive their health to be–I don’t think I’m meant to understand but there is something I do know: There’s something seriously wrong with people who do that and think like that, not the people who are fat.

I’m here. I’m alive. I’m wonderful, and yet so many people judge and condemn me because I’m fat. Yet they know nothing about me as a person…other than I’m fat.

These people may not think much of me because I’m fat and I want them to know I don’t think much of them either because they must be sorry ass people to do what they do, I don’t care if they’re so skinny and pretty they can slip through a crack in the floor.

Fuck ’em. On with living and doing me.