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PLUM2G resize_image_198919772My hair is still hanging in there. Need to work on moisturizing. I don’t plan on measuring it but I can tell it grown just by shaking my head around, even with the serious shrinkage factor.

My mom was annoying me by saying repeatedly that my hair is going to lock. Even if it does, so what? I guess she wants to be the only one around here with locs. I guess my hair texture looks like locs, but these are two-strand twists.

I sent these two pictures to my friend while I was on the phone with her to kind of show her my re-twists; I’m glad to have one person who likes getting pictures of me. (The second picture was probably, in retrospect, to demonstrate my somewhat wandering left eye, which has an astigmatism–it does that when I’m look up or to the left too much)

She says I look vain in the first picture, then said that the fact that I had to think about it means that I know it, too. The truth is I’ve never thought of myself as a vain person or someone confident in my appearance, and to be described as vain was interesting to me.

I feel like I have become more confident and have started living down all the negative things that have happened to me in my life. Its taken a lot of time, and if I’ve become just a tiny bit vain compared to how I used to be then I view that as a good thing.