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“The only way to win is deny it battle.”*

In dealing with oppression, I wonder if the above is true. Whether its racism, classism, fat hate, or what have you, is the only way to win the fight with hatred and greed to deny this beast battle?

Sometimes I get fed up with people sending hate mail into my inbox, primarily on Tumblr. I vent my irritation by letting my haters know just how stupid they are, usually through mocking them. I admit, I don’t know who these people are; more times than not, they are even more sarcastic and mocking than I can ever dream of being. But this is how I sometimes feel I need to fight back, even if it means stooping so low as to insult their intelligence (and I’ve been called ableist for doing so).

I feel like saying something is better than saying nothing at all. I’m not sure I’m capable of sitting back and passively accepting people’s blatant problem with body or mockery of my identities when they bring it to my doorstep, even if it means getting distracted from some other things that might benefit me more to be spending my time on. Resisting oppression in any way possible is equally as important as anything else, it is a form of care that only I can give myself.

But even tho I may choose this or that form of resistance, is denying the battle the answer? Just straight-up deny it altogether. Can it be denied? And if so, how? How do you ignore your detractors? I feel like fighting oppression is important and only in a perfect world can what you fight against really be “denied the battle”. You must speak out, you must stand up. You must do battle. You must fight.

Yet that doesn’t mean that I don’t try to not engage in confrontation.

I’ve seen so many unjust things in my life that it’s hard for me to let go. I feel like I’ve made progress towards a place of calm where I don’t engage hateful people at all. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get under my skin sometimes when I don’t want it to.

*The quote is taken from Stargate SG-1, a show I am currently revisitng. Its kind of out of context in this post because the situation in the show was basically that of a child who was allowed to forget the conflicting nature of himself so he could have a future. I am not exactly fighting an internal battle within myself but an intrusive external force that provokes an internal conflict.