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My family is in a tight situation because of the government shutdown, which has put almost 1 million people out of work until further notice. I saw white Christian lady going on about how she had her savings and God was gone take care of her during this troubling time.

Some of us don’t have and can’t make savings. Some of us don’t even make enough to live decently (decent for America, that is) even with government jobs.

Some folks are saying they can’t believe they furloughed so many people from the Department of the Treasury, or so I’ve heard. My response to that is, Where the fuck do y’all think y’all live? Some candy-coated land of opportunity abound? Some purple nutmeg fantasy where inequality doesn’t exist?

This is America. A country that runs on blood and sweat and was built on slavery and genocide (which it regularly doesn’t acknowledge).

And I guarantee you this shutdown isn’t having any real effect on the people who are causing it.

In my house, we already had it bad before. Now its just worse.

I understand why President Obama isn’t budging on this. I just wish there was another way. A way where conservatives don’t win and people don’t have to be put off from work in this parasitic capitalist economy. But then again a lot of the things I wish for probably sound very naive out loud.

[I thought a lot before I pressed ‘Publish’ on this…]