I dislike when gay men try to embarrass me for finding them attractive. I’ve had this happen to me at least two or three separate occasions. I don’t think its a coincidence.

Instead of just politely telling you that they’re gay AND are not attracted to women (or at least you), it seems like some of them deliberately go out their way to embarrass you for even suggesting that such an inferior gender approach them in any way.

Complimenting him, or heaven forbid, expressing interest, I’ve had gay men pointedly tell me, “Honey, I’m gay”. Its like they’re egos were fluffed but they were openly disgusted. Misogyny much?

I understand that some queer men get a lot of unwanted attention and attempts at heterosexist “conversion” from women. I don’t want to trigger or make anyone uncomfortable.

I just try not to say anything to people I find pleasing in appearance and personality anymore. Which combined with my reluctance to deal with people in general is why I will be alone forever.