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I was disturbed to find that for some dumb reason, they’re remaking Roots. Which I also read in a comment is a rip-off someone else’s work anyway that went to court and won.

Whatever the case may be, I simply cannot accept that people think of slave movies as entertainment or gossip. Nothing is sacred to these people. If America actually educated people properly and stopped trying to sell everything it comes into contact with then there would be no need for these films.

But then, also, Black people like myself would lead totally different lives I imagine and this blog probably wouldn’t exist.

Even tho I know I’ll get no satisfaction or relief from any comments or replies, I posted comments on the article anyway. My mind just cannot take slavery being made into a hyped-up fad for profit in the media.

This is my overall census of opinions presented in comments made on the article:

  1. Slavery is over, stop bringing it up.
  2. This is only making racial tensions worse.
  3. White people were enslaved, too. (I’m rolling my eyes at this one because tho it may true to some extent, it does NOT compare.)
  4. These “black” people need to stop being lazy and trying to make white people feel guilty. We don’t owe “blacks” anything.
  5. My ancestors didn’t own slaves.
  6. There are no original ideas in Hollywood anymore.
  7. The original Roots was fine, leave it alone!

Either way, it just seems to be people either denying slavery and racism or condoning its commodification.

Even with all these dreadful movies that white people are getting hard-ons about, its difficult for most people to see just how relevant slavery still is without being Black and usually suffering from multiple societal oppressions.

Slavery and general anti-Blackness and oppression still motivates and maintains so many of this country’s attitudes and treatment towards Black people. And it just seems like people can’t even see that.