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Should we view the decision of some schools to ban twerking with a contract as an act of anti-Blackness (therefore racism), a simple act against Miley Cyrus’ racist behavior and atrocious decisions and that of her producers, or a simple act of aggression against freedom of expression? All of the above?

I know some people don’t have an opinion on it either way or they don’t care. I don’t twerk and I made myself promise not to ever comment on celebrity-related stuff, but its ridiculous that there’s such a thing as an anti-twerking contract. I don’t even pretend to understand how people think they’re going to control what kids do because if they can’t do it in one place then they’ll do it somewhere else if they’re that set on it.

They shall twerk (or do something like what they think twerking is) regardless of how you try to control them.


[Make white people promise to stop embarrassing themselves and making a mockery out of stuff they can’t do and don’t understand? Teach their children to stop fetishizing, appropriating, and co-opting? Okay, fine with me.]