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Yes, I’m going to say it, and it doesn’t just apply to sex, dating, and marriage.

Many white people are so pathologically racist that they lie to themselves about why they marry or get in relationships with non-white people, namely Black people.

Because its only when white people say so that we all bleed red. Its only when they say so that we’re all human. Its only when they say so that conflict is over. Its only when they say so that racism is over Its only when they say so that its okay to date, marry, breed with or fuck a Black person.

That’s not love. That’s not equality. That’s certainly not justice.  That’s white politics. That’s power and self-interest.

Black men play along to get along. (And Black women oftentimes think they’ll be treated better by a man of different race.)

So you can tell when something is a mindless trend.

You can tell when two people are in a relationship because they love each other and when they’re in a relationship because they think its trendy.

Nothing disgusts me more than white people pulling on their colorblind racist game. They don’t really understand Black people but they think it sure is cool to date one and stir things up, like wearing that new blouse or t-shirt that you bought but weren’t too sure about wearing in public. And there’s another thing that they really, really don’t understand, particularly white women–

Black men date and marry outside of their race for three reasons that I’ve observed:

  1. Best case, they really like who they’re with. Soul mate, great sex, or marriage requirements met, whatever. Looks simple, looks very objective.
  2. They hate their own race so much that dating ANYBODY outside of their own race is preferable and actively sought after. They like petite Chinese women, clean virginal white women with long straight hair, exotic Middle Eastern women, and saucy Latinas. They’re so racist and sexist its only natural for them to chase after anybody but Black women. These are the kind of men who have internalized racism down to a science. They can’t rule as Ds  Kang in their own communities so they marry or date into the communities of other races.
  3. Upward mobility. They know they can get something out of being with white women that they can’t get from dating their own race. These, again, are the kind of men who have internalized racism down to a science, a political science.

At the end of the day, its their business. Women, man, otherwise gendered. But what pisses me off the most is when its so apparent and they try to act like its not. Its an affront to the name of love which they claim to be joining under.

Its not like people of different races haven’t been doing whatever together since forever. However, as a Black women, I look A) Black history in this country and our relationships with other races, B) the sudden boom of interracial relationships in the age of Obama, and C) the amnesia clouding people’s perceptions of racial relations.

Let people make their mistakes, just keep them from under my nose.