I was looking at some articles about people who are addicted to cough syrup and if people really kill themselves with it. I guess if they succeeded they wouldn’t be around to talk about it… I then looked up articles about people who try to kill themselves using ammonia+bleach and bleach+alcohol. Some people were asking questions about its effectiveness.

People always say

“Don’t commit suicide”

“Things will get better”

“Get a therapist. Really, it gets better.”

“You should seriously get some help.”

Its a bunch of pro-life bullshit.

I wonder who these people are who say that. Have they ever had a moment of actual suffering in their entire lives? Or are they just talking out of their fluffy not-depressed white pro-life asses?

The best response I ever heard was from the only person I call my friend even if its not something I think a friend should say or something I want a friend to say:

If you want to kill yourself, do it if it makes you happy. I have to protect myself. I won’t apologize for that. Because if you kill yourself then that means our relationship didn’t mean enough to you.

She was like a great big “BYE GURL, SEE YOU LATER”.