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I try to be as respectful towards other people’s cultures as I can.

But I won’t lie—

I need to vent.

I HATE ranchero.

And I really do mean that.

Ranchero is the misbegotten potluck of music. It is the music of clowns. It is composed of the weirdest instruments put together to make the worst and most disgusting repetitive sound I have ever heard. All the songs practically sound exactly the same. And then these dudes have the nerve to put the bass on and turn it up as loud as possible. And when do you hear any women singing ranchero around here? Never. Its totally a guy machismo thing. The only time I ever heard a woman singing is when my last next door neighbor played some Selena.

I’ve lived in a predominantly Mexican working class and poor community for a little over a year now. No choice. The Mexican men with cars here are the most disrespectful, obnoxious species I have ever met. They blast this shit ALLLLLLLLLL.damn.day. I thought loud Black people were bad and I’ve lived around them my whole life.

My upstairs and next door neighbors are all Mexican men. The one next door moved out, so the upstairs guys started to make up for the noise he isn’t there to make anymore. I have to call security every other night and I’ve had to call the police three times in the last month. They hoop and holler and shout at every opportunity they get, they stomp, slam, crash, bang, and run around as hard and as loud as they can, which makes the windows rattle and the walls shake at all times of the day and night. They have loud conversations in Spanish at all times of the day and night. All they do is drink and play ranchero all damnnnn day. Since I started reporting them, they’re trying to be slick, waiting until after manager’s office closes to start cutting up, waiting until Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to do the worst (because the manager isn’t in).

Last night they started at 6PM playing this music at all volumes. When they were still doing it at 4:30AM, I called security. Twice. They stopped and started again less than an hour later. I called the police for the third time. The little assholes turned the music off at the exact moment that the police officer showed up, then refused to answer the door when we went upstairs together. This did not happen until 8AM. (The worst they’ve ever done is go for four days straight which is when I had to get the apartment manager involved).

It was quiet for a little while…then the Mexican guys across the parking lot decide its time to wash their cars…and blast ranchero on their stereos for three extra hours.

In addition, the douche maintenance guy, Juan, who has failed to do his job in this apartment on several occasions and blamed me for it, decides its cool to tinker with his truck and play shit-ranchero so loud the walls quaked–AT THE EXACT MOMENT I WAS ABLE TO SLEEP, WITH MY BIG HEADPHONES AND NOISE MACHINE ON. This is what he did the last time I asked him not to do this across the parking lot from my bedroom. (Last time I told his manager and he hasn’t done this in a very long time.) I went out into the cold after barely getting any sleep all night and morning and asked him to turn it down–his girlfriend leaned into the truck and turned the volume tuner down…

A little. That’s their idea of turning it down.

And I think Mexican guys upstairs are trying to park on the side of the building  out of sight and play this music since I’ll call the cops again and have them cited if they do it upstairs from me again.

When I told the new manager about these dudes a couple of weeks ago, she personally walked me upstairs and told these guys to stop after they refused to answer to the door when I had knocked to ask them to stop; she said she would evict them if they continued. She told me to call her, leave a message if it was outside of office hours, and call security and the police every time they start up and every time they don’t stop. I’ve been doing that for a month now–is she going to evict them or not? I was impressed with how firm and direct she was; she also seemed very understanding, but I’m now thinking she was just blowing smoke up my ass and grandstanding.
I’ve asked them nicely on multiple occasions. I’ve had other Spanish speaking neighbors ask them to stop. I’ve gotten the apartment manager involved. I’ve called security (you can only call them after 10PM). I’ve called the police.

I do not care about the bonita in the blue dress. I don’t care about the cows on the ranch. I don’t care how much you love your homeland.

I want some peace and quiet. I want these rude ass Mexican men to turn that shit off. Its not cute and its not cool, especially not with bass.

*This is not an anti-Mexican post, this is an anti-ranchero post.