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Now that I’ve vented, I have a serious note.

As mentioned, the Mexican men upstairs from me insist on being assholes every other day, in addition to apartment employees and the other Mexican guys who live on the property.
I’ve come to think of apartments kind of like prisons: You don’t get to choose your roommates/neighbors, especially when you’re poor and you don’t get to really choose where you live. Its just urban concrete cell blocks stacked beside and on top each of other for someone else’s profit.

I’ve had to call security so many times I can’t even remember all the occasions of sleepless nights and days I’ve had over the noise level here. I’ve had to call the police on three separate occasions in the past month to deal with the upstairs guys. I’ve asked nicely on multiple occasions. I’ve had others ask. I’ve even had to get the apartment manager to intervene. They have been doing this since we moved in last November.
As a Black woman, I do not like calling the police.
From elementary school on up, I’ve never had any positive experiences with the police. I’ve been profiled by the police. I’ve had people call the police on me for no reason and been harassed by them. No, being light skinned didn’t do me any good.
I do not like relying on the police for anything. I feel like I’m waiting for them to make me into the problem every time I ask them for help. I will be the one arrested one of these days instead of the guys committing the crime.
Its really hard for me because having a quiet environment helps me take care of myself. It helps me function properly daily when I can hear myself think without loud distractions.
But maybe I should go do something big and illegal. I bet there’s a jail that’s nice and quiet.
*This is not an anti-Mexican post, this is an anti-ranchero post