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Because I like words and I like to think about what people mean by words and I like people to take the time to consider what I mean with my words, I describe my sexuality like this:

Demisexual/sapiosexual/queer/polysexual/skoliosexual (persyn-loving, womyn-loving, male-loving)

Oftentimes, I feel like I’m asexual because I have moments of not wanting to accept or express the sexual part of myself at all even while I feel it. I fear it.

I guess its a occupational hazard, using words to come across to people even tho words mean different stuff and varied stuff to different people. Sometimes we even reinvent words for ourselves. I’ve read people ask why folks choose to put labels on themselves. My answer would be that’s its not so much a desire to label as an attempt to put a name or word or supportive community to a journey of involution or self-reflexion and self-exploration. It comes from a place of wanting to know more about others and more about yourself, sometimes to find a place to belong to or an identity to belong (which others may be exploring as well).