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Since when is calling racism what it is namecalling, Neely Fuller, Jr.?

Removing the word racist from our vocabulary isn’t going to make racism any less real. Call it like you see it. The word is only overplayed because people are trying to downplay, skip around, ignore the impact of, and reinvent what it means to suit white supremacist, multicultural/melting pot, and colorblind racist agendas.

When you opt not to use the word racist, you put yourself in the position of explaining racist behavior, pathology, and attitudes to people who have nothing better to do than waste your time. You put yourself in the position of explaining a serious injustice that has six tons of information on it readily available if they would only bother to look. Tell them to open a couple of fucking books and do some involution instead of objectifying Black women/PoC into mammy crutches for Cliff Notes on Racism 101-gratification.

Adjusting your vocabulary isn’t going to save you from oppressors who aren’t listening to you anyway or hear what they want to hear. As a matter of fact, they’re going to use your self-censure against you. They will call your bluff, they will try you and you will be forced to give them pleasant smiles and say nothing inflammatory and direct to them (everything and anything you say threatens their privilege and power).

Fuller says don’t say anything rather call a racist what they are–WHAT?!?! You will share the blame because you actively chose to relinquish your words, silence yourself, and cater to the needs of white supremacy in the face of the challenge of denouncing and giving no quarter to your oppressors.

People have done it (explained [white] racism in detail) before you and they’ve done it better than you too. Racists are the ones who need to learn. Stop reinventing the wheel, neo-liberals.

People are now saying not to call racism…racism?


We are moving backwards, lil’ folks.