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Yes, yes, I’m a Black feminist. Let’s just go ahead and get that out the way. Well, look at that, this guy being an asshole doesn’t destroy my heightened opinion of myself (read the dumb blog description).


“My goal with this blog is to offend everyone in the world at least once with my words… so no one has a reason to have a heightened sense of themselves. We are all ignorant, we are all found wanting, we are all bad people sometimes.”

The title of the crap is “women are crazy (how to lose your female readers)”, aside from the ridiculous NONSENSICAL reason this blog exists. And, yes, saying something like that is a perfect way to lose female followers who aren’t stupid and on that even-sexist-dogs-are-entitled-their-opinion shit. Congratulations.

What is the point of creating a blog aimed solely at offending people with your own brand of “crazy”? Oh, right, so you can feel better by thinking that everyone else is secretly as messed up as you clearly are, because they all must be thinking trashy, asshole shit that they’re just not saying out loud like you. Assumptions, assumptions, ass and umption. Must be a real comfort. Yeah, we may all be ignorant and bad people sometimes but we don’t go around advertising it. Its called a brain-mouth or brain-action filter (as in the action of writing a blog that’s meant to offend people. Get a filter, the world can do without these opinions.

If you wrote every thought in your head how many people would you offend?–Opinionated Man

I take the subtitle “(how to lose your female readers)” as hinting at some degree of satire–forget satire. Every day women are told they’re crazy or irrational, no matter what they do. Its the perfect way for guys to dismiss and downplay anything they don’t want to listen to or understand. And even if they are “crazy”, whatever this guy actually means by that, the only reason dudes can think and say shit like this about women is because they have created a world where their crazy bullshit is held up as reason and logic. When in actuality, what men do and think actually doesn’t make any damn sense either, if you really want to go there. Like saying people are bad sometimes and encouraging them to be offensive instead of do better–how does that make any sense??? I’ll wait.

Fuck it–I don’t even know why I’m giving this shit air time on my blog. That’s what I’m feeling like after I just wasted ten minutes typing this up. Guess I’m crazy. Moving on.