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The managers of our crappy apartment are pulling the great big corporation-man-do-what-we-say-because-we-own-the-place card.

You have to make noise complaints for a month before they do anything about it. You have to beg them to fix basic maintenance problems for the entire first year of your residency and only after you e-mail the regional manager of corporation that owns the property–to tell them you just want it documented that this is why you want to move out once you have saved enough money to do so. The following day, against your wishes, management will put a notice on your door saying that they will enter your apartment to perform said overdo maintenance and kick you out for up to twelve hours so they can do pest control in every room. Your family has nowhere to go during that time. You have a condition that causes debilitating pain and causes you to be bedridden. You now have to leave your home for several hours because of management trying to cover their asses.

I’m sick of this crap. If I could afford to live somewhere better, do they really think I’d be in this broken down, noisy, negligent, roach-infested dump? No, really, the regional manager said to me over the phone, “If you guys can’t deal with living in apartment situations then maybe you shouldn’t”. As if we have a choice, as if we’ve ever had a choice.

Got privilege much?

Obviously the words of someone who lives well and without incident and definitely not on this property.